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Peruvian Architect since 2013

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Alejandro Ciudad-Casafranca: Certified Peruvian Architect. Graduated in 2013 from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Perú (PUCP). His three-time published thesis work “Casas Huertas Social-Sport Center”. 

2010: Traveled to Germany for a semester at the Hochschule München Für Angewandte Wissenschaften, in which he developed urban planning and infrastructure academic projects in Germany and Jerusalem, Israel.

2013: At the Wu Gallery in Lima, Peru, collaborated alongside artist Adriana Ciudad in her showcase “Sensibilia”, where the relationship of senses with feelings was explored.

2014: Joined Arqdesign Sac, with leading architect Josip Vuskovic. Alejandro worked as project architect until September of 2015.


2015: Began a freelancing career with an exposition at CASACOR 2015 (Showroom of architecture/interior design).


2017: Completed his Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in New York.


​2017 – 2020: Moved to Washington, D.C. and joined Fox Architects, as well as Antunovich Associates, where he expanded his architectural knowledge and skills in designing both commercial and multi-family residential buildings.

2019: Prticipating member of a Columbia University postgraduate student team, whose exhibition, "REMEDIATION" was presented at the Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.


Alejandro is multi-lingual and is highly proficient in speaking Spanish, English and German.

He enjoys surfing, playing music and drawing in his studio. 

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1355 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036  |  Tel: +1 (516)-305-1788

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